Poundbury today is a a very pleasant place to live or to visit. Although referred to by many as a town or village, Poundbury is neither, and it is actually part of Dorchester, an urban extension effectively.

Unlike most towns and villages, in Poundbury there is no ‘zoning’, where you tend to find certain types of housing or businesses in certain areas. Poundbury is a fully integrated community, where social housing, private housing, business and retailers mix freely, creating an environment that is both pleasant and pleasingly functional.

In terms of design, the architecture in Poundbury is unashamedly traditional, which gives the community a warm, quaint feeling of Englishness, and although Poundbury may look like a town for the wealthy, 35% of the construction taking place is for affordable housing schemes, whether that be housing association rentals or shared ownership properties, which reflect Prince Charles’ vision that Poundbury is a place for everyone.

Poundbury is expected to be a success economically. An Economic Impact Assessment of Poundbury was carried out by Dorset County Council in 2010.

Its results showed that Poundbury has already contributed significant amounts to the local economy, including £330 million in its demand for local goods and services. This number expected to rise to over £500 million by 2025.