Poundbury Hill-Fort

Poundbury Hill Fort lies close to Poundbury itself, and is a Middle Bronze Age hill fort. Roughly rectangular, it is likely that the hill fort was situated at the top of Poundbury Hill for strategic reasons, as it commands views over the River Frome and the Frome Valley.

Other nearby features include a large Romano-British cemetery dating from the late Roman era, and the aqueduct, which supplied water to Durnovaria (Dorchester) during the first century AD. All are fascinating places to visit.

The very existence of the hill fort today is thanks to local residents who protested at Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s plan to run the main Dorchester to Yeovil railway line straight through the area, destroying the hill-fort and other local remains. Brunel was finally forced to use the more expensive option of running the line underneath the fort, a much more expensive proposition, but one that thankfully saved the beautiful local countryside and historical sites.

Poundbury Hill Fort
Poundbury Hill Fort

Experience the town

By far the most popular activity for visitors to Poundbury is to experience the town itself. Quite unlike anywhere else, its quintessential English charm has to be experienced to be believed. Grand imposing mansions mix with homely traditional cottages and hours can be spent just meandering through the gorgeous streets taking in this uniquely British development. Many people describe Poundbury as like visiting a living film-set.

Traditional village life is more than just housing though, and Poundbury, has its fair share of shops and businesses that are worth visiting. As well as a small Waitrose supermarket and popular garden centre, Poundbury boasts a select variety of shops, caf├ęs, restaurants and a pub, as well as a number of essential services such as medical and dental surgeries. There really is nothing better than to sit outside one of Poundbury’s eateries enjoying afternoon tea in the sunshine after a delightful day enjoying everything Poundbury has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a day-out or a longer stay in Poundbury, it offers something for everyone. As well as Poundbury itself, Dorchester town centre is only a short drive away, and it’s a great base for exploring the wider Dorset area, including its stunning countryside, glorious coastline and numerous attractions that are suitable for all the family, whatever their age.